Welcome to the Garden!

We are friends and neighbours who share a love and excitement of all things that grow. After many an evening of sharing conversation, plant cuttings and glasses of gin over the garden fence, it was inevitable that we worked together to channel our enthusiasm into a project. This has become Not So Secret Garden.

Thankfully, the lovely people at Hartley Farm, Wiltshire, were as enthusiastic as we were and happy to help us with our vision of a little floral paradise.

We are both trained florists who love the West Country and are passionate about using British flowers. Grace co-owns Young Blooms, the onsite florist at Hartley Farm, and Bex has her own gardening business. We’re using our experience and understanding of the gardening and floristry trade to grow a wonderful mix of plants for everyone to enjoy.

Bex and Grace

Proud members of
Part of the Flowers from the Farm network