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Workshop heaven

British flowers, bradford on avon

Five lovely ladies who joined us for our workshop.

We’ve been making the most of our glorious harvest of beautiful blooms working in partnership with Young Blooms running a series of workshops at Hartley Farm shop and in Newton St Loe. The ladies who joined us made some awesome hand-tied bouquets.

Sharing hints and tips for growing and arranging traditional British blooms was a great way to celebrate British Flowers Week. The British cut flower industry has been in decline for years in the face of cheap imported blooms which can be picked up in the supermarkets, but there is nothing in the world which shouts British summer more than a jar of home-grown sweet peas on the kitchen table.

Why stop there when you can gather nigella, cornflowers in several hues, sweet williams…..the list goes on.

If you fancy growing some flowers of your own, why not sign up to our newsletter? We send out a monthly email full of advice for what to do and grow in your own cutting patch.

And if you don’t have time then there are always plenty of fragrant home-grown blooms for sale over the summer in the farmshop.

Bath British flowers

Sumptuous flowers from the garden

Both workshops were so successful that we’ve decided to run more. The next will be a Floral Heart workshop on 7 August at Hartley. Keep your eyes peeled on the Young Blooms website and in the shop for booking details.

Celebrating British Flowers

We couldn’t be more pleased with the development of the garden. This week we’ve been cutting our first proper harvest of the ‘summer’ and bunches of cornflowers have been on sale at Hartley Farm shop. It’s great to be able to offer home-grown blooms with no air miles to customers – whether they are locals looking for a fragrant posy for a bedside table or a bride wanting a truly home-grown wedding day.

british flowers, bath

All grown in our garden

June 11th saw the start of what is now an annual event British Flowers Week, organised by Covent Garden Flower Market to promote the British flower industry.  “British cut flowers are back in fashion, fuelled by the rise of artisan flower growers and the trend for vintage, seasonality, fragrance and more naturalistic design. Nonetheless, British-grown flowers are still thought to represent less than 15% of the £2bn worth of flowers sold in the UK every year.”

Bath British flowers

Sumptuous flowers from the garde


We celebrated too by holding a British flowers workshop on June 11th which included  a tour of the garden and talk from us, picking some blooms to create a hand-tie, learning some tips and tricks and enjoying a scrumptious cream tea.

British flowers, bradford on avon

Five lovely ladies who joined us for our workshop.



Celebrating British Flower Week 2014

I think it says it in the title! New Covent Garden Flower Market have created week of celebrating all things British & flowering. It’s in its second year and it was a very exciting & important week. I know I’m a couple of days behind but do have a look through.

British flowers Wiltshire

British flower week

The market have encouraged growers and florists alike to send in photo’s of their work and have created a gallery of all the different floral works of art. There are some fantastic pictures so it’s well worth clicking on the link.

In the Not So Secret Garden we managed to create a rather mad mixed arrangement of flowers from the Garden.

British flowers Wiltshire

We are continuing to supply Young Blooms  with flowers (especially Sweet-peas) and look forward to doing more for them as things continue to grow. The sweet-peas have gone slightly crazy with all the lovely sunshine that we have had.