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Funeral flowers from the ‘Not So Secret Garden’

I wanted to share these photos of a funeral that we supplied the flowers for. The family wanted very natural and informal style of flowers and that’s exactly what we could do with all that we have grown.

I think sometimes flowers can speak for themselves….

British flowers winsley

Tied Sheaf

This was ordered through Young Blooms  for a burial here, so no oasis, wire, tape or cellophane was allowed to be used.

Winsley British flowers

A very natural styled arrangement

I gathered a selection of flowers from the garden, most of the time customers have a set colour that they want to stick to. But if you think of cottage gardens or hedgerows, you don’t only see pinks & purples or orange and yellow (unless your a very organised gardener!) As you see the arrangements I went for a wild mix, Lupins, foxgloves, mint, lavender, dill, love-in-the-mist and so on…..

British flowers Winsley

Winsley British flowers


A truly British bouquet

It was a very exciting moment for us to be able to arrange a bouquet of flowers all grown in the garden. As you know the weather has been fabulous for the flowers so we had a lovely selection to pick from.

British flowers Wiltshire

Truly British flowers

In the jug are dahlias, cornflowers, verbena, lavender, snapdragons, lupins, mint and alchillea.

British flowers in WIltshire

A very lovely selection picked from the garden

If your interested in ordering an arrangement like this then do contact Young Blooms on 01225 580271 and a floral delight like this can be yours.


Wiltshire British flowers

All pretty & ready to go


Celebrating British Flower Week 2014

I think it says it in the title! New Covent Garden Flower Market have created week of celebrating all things British & flowering. It’s in its second year and it was a very exciting & important week. I know I’m a couple of days behind but do have a look through.

British flowers Wiltshire

British flower week

The market have encouraged growers and florists alike to send in photo’s of their work and have created a gallery of all the different floral works of art. There are some fantastic pictures so it’s well worth clicking on the link.

In the Not So Secret Garden we managed to create a rather mad mixed arrangement of flowers from the Garden.

British flowers Wiltshire

We are continuing to supply Young Blooms  with flowers (especially Sweet-peas) and look forward to doing more for them as things continue to grow. The sweet-peas have gone slightly crazy with all the lovely sunshine that we have had.



Summertime in the garden


British flowers in Wiltshire

First Dahlia of the season

Summer seems to have finally arrived at the Garden as it’s been glorious sunshine for the last two weeks and the plants are loving it. The first dahlia has flowered and the sweet-peas are going crazy.

Sweet-peas  from the garden can be purchased through the Young Blooms shop at Hartley Farm. You can see from the photos below, they have been going into wedding flowers created by the Florists which look fabulous.

British flowers in Wiltshire

Peony & Sweet-pea bridal bouquet

Wiltshire british flowers

Summery wedding table-centre

British flower garden Wiltshire

Reclaimed vintage window frames

We are gradually adding in interesting pieces to the garden and were very chuffed with these reclaimed vintage window frames that Mr Bowles found for us. They are now installed and will soon have some yummy roses trailing up them (i’m going for David Austin)…..