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Flowering sprouts

Polytunnel News..

IMG_9227 (002)

We have collected quite a few plant pots

We’ve spent the last few days tidying and cleaning the polytunnel in preparation for the new sowing season which begins from the end of January. We start with Sweet Peas, a hardy annual and have about five different varieties to sow, all in separate ‘long rooted planting tubes’.

We seem to have accumulated a vast range of plant pots and seed trays, but its surprising the quantities we use as the sowing and growing season progresses.

Its important to use clean plant pots and trays to ensure the growth of healthy young plants, so there;s a lot of washing up to be done in the coming weeks! We’ll also be using the pressure hose to give outside of the polytunnel a good clean which in turn will allow the maximum light in, to encourage plant growth, and then lighting an insect killer ‘block’ which releases smoke to kill off any unwanted parasites.

Wallflowers and Sweet Williams

British flowers, wiltshire

Our sweet-williams are looking promising…

Both the wallflowers and sweet-williams which we planted out last September/October (having first sown in seed trays last August) are looking well and have grown considerably since putting in the ground. We look forward to the scented flowers both plants will produce, with the wallflowers being picked around March, hopefully with some of the tulips we also planted as bulbs last November. They’ll make lovely Spring bouquets!





Bath, British flowers

Sweet-williams in the mix



The Sweet Williams should flower in May and make a perfect cut flower with a long ‘vase life’ in a variety of pink, red as well as white shades. They flower at a time when many summer garden flowers are yet to blooms, so are a good in between season flower to grow.




Flowering Sprouts!

British flowers, bath

Our flowering sprouts have finally arrived


Yes you really can get ‘flowering sprouts’ – so much nicer than the edible variety! These were grown from seed around May last year and on initially planning our, were pecked by the local pigeon population! They consequently had to be dug up and given some TLC back in the polytunnel before planting out again and tying lots of CDs on string around the planting area to scare off the pigeons this time. We had hoped that the plants would produce little florets in time for Grace’s Christmas Wreath making workshops, held last December, but whilst the plants looked healthy enough sadly , only very tiny florets were appearing on the stems and of no use whatsoever in the Christmas Wreaths!

Still, we haven’t completely given up on them – maybe they will have grown sufficiently to use for one of Grace’s Easter floral projects instead!

Healthy gardens

It seems we all can’t believe the summer is nearly over, it’s quite a topic of conversation in the Young Blooms Shop. I was out walking the hound this afternoon and noticing the leaves turning in the park and thinking about the different seasons that we see in the garden and how I feel more importantly about how the relationships of the team have developed and grown through the three years  that the garden has been going.

Bath, British flowers

The team has grown…

Wiltshire, british flowers

Becks and myself

British flowers, bradford on avon

Becks working hard in the garden….


If you know the story of the first year of the garden then you’ll know we have experienced huge loss, but also huge rebirth for want of a better word. If you see the picture of myself and becks standing together above you will know how incredibly far she has come in 3 years.

Recently another member of our garden family has experienced a very sad loss and yet through it I was struck by how much the garden has come to mean to them, becks and myself.

The garden and gardening in itself is a very healing thing, I was cutting sunflowers early on Saturday morning for the shop and loving what a peaceful place it is. You are constantly seeing death and life running its natural cycle in the garden. The sweet-peas have nearly all come out and yet we are putting in sweet-william and cornflowers for next year which are already being ear-marked for weddings in early 2017.

British flowers, wiltshire

Our new work-space…


I think sometimes until a big experience stops you and makes you think, then you can take places and people for granted. But being in a reflective mood this evening, I realise I am hugely thankful for what the garden is. Even if it gives my gang refuge for a couple of hours a week then I will be thankful….


Celebrating our upcycled greenhouse

British flowers, bradford on avon

Our green-house in all it’s glory!

We love a bit of recycling and upcycling in the Not so Secret Garden and this year we have excelled ourselves with an entire upcycled greenhouse making use of old windows and doors.

Bath, British flowers

Gradually, despite the bonkers weather the building took shape, thanks to some precision woodworking from Craig.



A thing of beauty and a joy forever, we’ve already made good use of it for workshops in the garden. Why not pop up and see it? Maybe it will provide you with some inspiration for your own garden upcycling project.

Spring has Sprung

Spring is defiantly kicking into action, we have been getting every type of weather over the last month.
The Spring flowers though small in the garden have been stunning. The alliums are showing their heads and one section is turning into a sea of blue as the forgetmenots start flowering.

What have you been enjoying in your gardens? Are plants coming up early because of all that April Sunshine we had?
We have been able to start selling cornflowers & poppies through Hartley Farm-shop

It is so lovely to cut a bucket full of flowers from the garden and take it up to Young Blooms to condition then arrange for the next day! Hurrah for locally grown I say!
Next week we are going to brave it and start planting out Sweet-peas as they are getting incredibly leggy in the Polytunnel. I’ll let you know how we get on but I can’t wait for a return of the below!

I leave you with this lovely picture of myself and Becks, she came upto the garden last month for a BBC Wiltshire that we did, she’s coming home most weekend and has been helping out! 🙂


Spring is here

It’s so lovely in the garden, the warm weather means everything is shooting up very quickly in the Spring sunshine. It’s been an age since I blogged about the goings on in the Not So Secret Garden. So I thought I would share some garden treats.


Your’ll see our first attempts at growing ranunculas have been successful, we’ll be selling some of the ranunculas plants at Hartley Farm-shop . So if your visiting Hartley, do keep an eye out.

Last Friday was a fantastic day as Becky and I were interviewed by the lovely Marie Lennon from BBC Wiltshire radio, she has an afternoon show from 2-4pm so do listen next Wednesday when the interview is going to be aired! We got to talk about the last year in the garden, Beckys journey through the year to recovery and much more! I think we all shed a tear or too.

I hope you enjoy the coming weekend and this lovely weather and I look forward to sharing more of our journey in the garden.