Autumn Bulb Planting

The Indian summer over the past week has provided the perfect opportunity for planting the first of the autumn bulbs in the Not so Secret Garden and now the rain can water them in nicely. It’s amazing how nature sometimes  provides the perfect conditions for getting plants established.


british flowers

Double headed daffodil


Planting bulbs for cutting is different from planting them in drifts in the wild or groups in the garden. You can pack them in trenches when they are utility bulbs for cutting – and they still look fabulous. Plant them at about three times the depth of the bulb itself and firm the soil on top. Keep an eye out for greedy squirrels and mice who like to dig up newly planted bulbs.

british flowers

Muscari are so pretty on mass

Bulbs are great for the cut flower garden as many start flowering in late winter or early spring before the hardy annuals get going. Choosing a mix of early-, mid- and late-flowering cultivars means that you can extend the season even further.

british flowers, winsley

Ranunculas are already growing in the polytunnel

The best way to plant bulbs is with friends with the reward of coffee and cake outside when its finished. A reward for a job well done. Narcissi and alliums can be planted now but wait until November to pop in tulip bulbs because they like the cold weather to produce the best flowers.

This year we’ve opted so far for …..

Queen of the Night tulips {purple}

Tres Chic tulips {white}

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