Wild Flowers at the Not So Secret Garden

All through the Summer the two wild-flower patches that we have in the Garden have been greatly admired. We created them back in the Spring using two mixes from this fantastic company ‘Meadow in my Garden’. We knew we wanted to create a natural wild area and after some research found this local company who are based in Devizes (Wiltshire).

British flowers, Winsley

We bought two boxes of the Butterfly mix  with the aim of helping biodiversity within the garden. The mix included lots of honey & nectar producing varieties of flower.

I cut just a few of the flowers last week for these photographs though there is still a huge range of flowers still going strong and we are in week two of October!!

British flowers, Not so secret garden

I’m having to brush up on my names of wild flowers, but so far I’ve seen Zinnia, Cosmos, Cornflowers, Amni, Daisies , Poppies and Scabious to name but a few!

Not So Secret Garden, Winsley

The flower collection

I’m really look forward to seeing how the patch progresses next year, we’ll be working on it over the next couple of months as flowers die down. We’ll be wanting to encourage new growth for next year, making sure the seeds from this years crop are spread through the patch.

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