Catching up with Christine

The Not so Secret Garden has been abuzz with activity – bees foraging among the autumn flowers, our working party planting bulbs for cutting next spring and the continued harvest of dahlias and zinnias, which are still blooming away beautifully. One of our hard-working garden gang is Christine.  It’s her turn this month to sit out on the garden bench and tell us a little more about herself and her top tips for cut flower growing. Without her life would be that little bit less floriferous around here.

Winsley, British flowers.

Hard at work picking Dahlias

British flowers, winsley

Christine on the left, Helen on the right!

Christine has market gardening in her blood and is the woman to go to if you want to nurture some seedlings. Here’s what she has to say about working in the Not so Secret Garden, her top tips for flower growing and where she gets her inspiration from.

What’s your favourite cut flower – dahlia (There’s plenty to choose from here -Editor)

And your favourite time of year? – Autumn

Tell us where is the best place on earth? –  Obviously the Not so Secret Garden but also on a beach in Dorset with a bag of chips

What’s your top tip for flower growing? – Use lots of compost {home grown obviously} or manure and weeding.

Is there a gardening task you’d be most likely to get someone else to do? – Yes. Keep away from pointy things like secateurs. (I think there’s a story behind this – Editor)

What is the most important thing you’ve learnt from being in the garden? – Being outside and friendship with other gardeners can’t be beaten. Meeting like minded people is one of the benefits of working here.

The flowers in the garden are still going strong. What would you put in the perfect Autumn bouquet? – Lots of variety of textures and muted colours

If you had half an hour in the garden, what would be the perfect way to spend it? –  Flower cutting with a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

What is your earliest garden memory? –  Digging and planting up pots with my grandma in Yorkshire

From whom do you get your gardening inspiration? -My family are great market gardeners so inspiration comes from them. My Grandma and parents passed on a lot of knowledge.



If you pop into Hartley during the week, say hello to Christine. She’ll be hard at work with her secateurs or helping to overhaul the garden ready for next season.



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