Celebrating British Flower Week 2014

I think it says it in the title! New Covent Garden Flower Market have created week of celebrating all things British & flowering. It’s in its second year and it was a very exciting & important week. I know I’m a couple of days behind but do have a look through.

British flowers Wiltshire

British flower week

The market have encouraged growers and florists alike to send in photo’s of their work and have created a gallery of all the different floral works of art. There are some fantastic pictures so it’s well worth clicking on the link.

In the Not So Secret Garden we managed to create a rather mad mixed arrangement of flowers from the Garden.

British flowers Wiltshire

We are continuing to supply Young Blooms  with flowers (especially Sweet-peas) and look forward to doing more for them as things continue to grow. The sweet-peas have gone slightly crazy with all the lovely sunshine that we have had.