Creating art with succulents


succulent chair

a stunning piece of upcycled living art

The Not so Secret Garden at Hartley Farm is a working, productive micro flower farm.

It is also a beautiful and relaxing garden in which to work and for our customers to enjoy.

We want it to look stunning.

With some thought, planning and creativity it is possible to create a cutting garden which looks good all year round and has one or two arty surprises.

British flowers, winsley

Our newest creation

When the mood takes us and as time allows we like to do a little experimentation in the garden. We’ve made willow structures, planted up interesting pots and upcycled chairs, creating beautiful pieces of living art with gorgeous, easy to maintain succulents.

Grace is a real fan of succulents. They make the ideal raw material to create beautiful, textural, porcelain-like  pieces of living art. It’s possible to create long-lasting pots, wreaths, chairs and even walls with succulents. And they are relatively easy to look after, surviving outside in a sheltered spot in quite low temperatures. As native desert plants they are suited to wide temperature ranges and dips as low as 40º F.

Hartley farm-shop, British flowers

Textural heaven

No matter what kind of succulent you use, the rules are pretty much the same, when it comes to care and maintenance. They prefer a sheltered, south-facing site and need plenty of water and weekly feeding in summer but very little water and no feeding in winter, when the plants are dormant. Beware of over-watering or the plants will rot.. A succulent should never be allowed to sit in water and the potting mix should be as free-draining as possible.

Once they are established, nothing could be easier. They’ll produce baby plants regularly during the growing season which can be pulled off and pushed back in to any barer patches, potted up and given away or used in another project.

Grace loves the idea of creating succulent art so much that she’s running a workshop in the garden soon for anyone who’d like to create their own striking piece of succulent art.

British flowers





Click here if you’d like to join us for coffee, home-baked cake and a few hours being artistic with stunning succulents and upcycled pots on October 17th.

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