Dahlia love

The dahlia patch in the Garden is going slightly mad at the moment, I wanted to try & categorize some of them that are growing. Remembering names of varieties, ones that lasted well, colours that I liked etc etc….

However I got slightly sidetracked by taking the pictures below of them!

British flowers, Wiltshire

Rather yummy dahlia

Half of the dahlia we grew from seed and half came from Tubers. Varieties I know in the picture above are the one that has a red/pink centre and paler outer petals. That one I think is called ‘Art Deco’, the red dahlia next to it with the yellow centre is ‘Bishop of Auckland’. That variety has done really well this year, growing very tall stems, great for cutting and if you cut them at the right point, you should get 4/5 days of enjoying them in a vase.

photo (8)

The velvety red dahlia at the bottom of the photo is I think a variety called ‘Charma Choc’. Size of the heads are slightly smaller than the ‘Cafe Au Lait’ but by not much.

Most of the yellow ones are grown from seed so you could probably make your own names up for those!

British grown flowers Wiltshire


The pale peach dahlia at the top of the photo above is my absolute favourite. The size of each head if you let it get to full size is HUGE, its called ‘Cafe Au Lait’. I’ve posted some more pictures of this variety on our Facebook page so you can see how huge they really are.

Hope you enjoy these photos as I’m sure I’ll be posting more.

Happy Bank Holiday to you all.


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