British flowers

Expansion of the ‘Not So Secret Garden’

Well, much has been going on at Hartley Farm during February and March as we prepare for the new growing season for ‘Young Blooms’. The Poly tunnel is beginning to fill with seedlings and Spring is firmly on its way.

British flowers

Seedlings looking good

We very much wanted to encourage Becks to regularly contribute to the flowers we are growing this year but ended to consider some additional space for a raised bed areas that she could easily access for planting, weeding and picking flowers. The Hartley team have therefore extended the ‘Not-So-Secret Garden’ area by changing what was previously a grassy slope near the car park and turning it into a raised bed while creating easy wheelchair access.

British flowers, bradford on avon

Our new raised bed

Now all we have to do is dig over the area and add lots of compost and well-rotted manure ready for some summer colour. We’ll also plant some herbs in this area which can readily be accused by Grace and her florists for adding to bouquets sold at ‘Young Blooms’.

In addition to the wheelchair raised bed area, we asked for a pathway to be made through the middle of what was an unmanageable, sloping flower bed which we used for perennials and shrubs. You can see a before and after shot, with the bed in question to the right of Becks and Grace.

British flowers

The before picture

British flowers

Our pathway down into the garden

We now have two pieces of garden on this area which will be much more workable, though there’s lots of digging and wedding and feeding of the soil before we plant in earnest on these patches.

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