Growing chrysanthemums

The garden is beginning to flourish and colour is beginning to appear. I’ve recently been inspired by a lady called Beck Crowley who grows flowers for Chatsworth House, before Christmas she posted some stunning photos on instagram of ‘Avignon Pink‘ chrysanths that she was growing in the greenhouses there.

British flowers, bath

My baby plants

I began to look for the avignon chrysanth but the closest option I got was ‘Allouise Pink’ as you’ll see above. I love when you order plants online and they arrive as teeny tiny green shoots like this. you’ll see the colour that they will be here, you can see they are a softer pink and less peach than the avignon pink but I think they are equally as stunning.

I’m determined to see if I can get single blooms from these plant’s as opposed to spray chrysanthemums, so I’ve decided to keep them at home and as I can pay a bit more attention to them.

I’m planting them out in our leek patch as I have a small garden and space is limited, the leeks are going to seed at the moment and I can’t resist leaving them in as they are going to flower (blame the florist in me). Before I plant out, I’ve nipped out the side shoots to encourage the plant to put all its energy into the top bloom.

British flowers

Next part of the process

Having planted them, I’ve realised I’ll have to put stakes in once they get bigger as I don’t want to get buffeted by wind. I’ll see how they get on in the meantime and look forward to fabulous blooms in the Summertime. I have to apologise as I need to be fairly liberal with slug pellets as they are vicious with new plants in my garden.

British flowers, wiltshire

All snug in the ground

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