It’s been an exciting couple of months in the ‘Not So Secret Garden’ and things are coming on fast. We are nearly there with planting and have pretty much filled all the raised beds. I think the germination rates of the seeds exceeded our expectations! We’ve tried to keep track of the progression of plants and below you can see the journey of sweet-peas.

British flowers Wiltshire

Baby sweet-pea plants last September

We certainly found it has benefited us by starting the planting in September, as the plants were sturdier when we put them into the grown in April.

British flowers Wiltshire

Seven hours of planting later….

One should never underestimate how long it takes to plant out plants…..

British flowers wiltshire

One of the first crops of Sweet-peas picked

British grown flowers in Wiltshire

Funeral design by Young Blooms using our sweet-peas, mint & lemon balm

We delivered one of the first crops of Sweet-peas to Young Blooms and you can see how they were used.