Looking back at the year


British flowers, wiltshire

Our summer workshop in the garden.

I started writing this blog post in the slightly strange period they call twixmus (the time between Christmas and New Year)  and thought a brief look back at the year to celebrate what we have achieved was a good plan before moving onto the new year. As I scan through the photos I’ve taken on my phone through the year, I can see weddings where Young Blooms have created stunning arrangements with flowers supplied by the Not so Secret Garden; there have been workshops in the summer-time; bouquets sold at Hartley Farm-shop and some fabulous floral moments of pure loveliness!


I’m excited for the year to come as it feels like the garden is ready for a good year. We have tulips, daffs, aliums, some cornflowers and sweet William already in and waiting to bloom. We have great plans to supply more seasonal and fragrant wedding flowers. The weather might be going bonkers at the moment but I feel the Spring is going to be a good one.

Bradford-on-avon, british flowers

A bucket of pure loveliness

We have ordered more of these gorgeous dark plum coloured sweet-peas as they worked so well in 2015, I think we were still picking a few at the beginning of November. I’m also going to order some of these stunning sunflowers (they are called ruby eclipse) and are a wonderful peachy colour.

British flowers, wiltshire

Some stunning sunflowers

As we move into a new year, there’s plenty of activity going on under the soil so that spring will be blooming marvellous. Happy New Year to you and yours from the Not so Secret Garden team.

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