Settle down and order some seeds

British flowers, wiltshire

Beginning to buy seeds for this year

Once Christmas is over, as sure as Easter eggs will appear on the supermarket shelves and holiday ads will populate the commercial breaks the seed catalogues will drop through your letter box, reassuring you that the weather will soon get warmer and the time will be right for sowing and growing again.

What better way to spend a few hours in the depths of winter than in front of the fire dreaming and planning what you will grow this season? This year we got ahead of the game and formulated our planting plan a few weeks ago and so our seed orders have already started to arrive. There’s oodles of time to get going. Not much can be sown, even under cover until next month at the earliest. And if you subscribe to our mailing list we’ll send you a monthly email with helpful hints and tips to get you on the way to growing your own cut flowers along with us. January’s is about to be sent out.

If you want to grow cut flowers then you need a mixture of seeds to give you blooms right through the season and into the autumn until the first frosts. Look at flowering times, colours and textures that will go together and foliage fillers like grasses and ammi majus.You could even compile a PInterest board to gather all your ideas together and give you an idea of what your flowers will look like when growing together.

British flowers, bradford on avon

Lovely to see flowers you have grown in full flower.


Seed catalogues like Sarah Raven’s are great for suggesting fabulous combinations but you could source the seeds themselves elsewhere if you can find good deals. You can also buy seeds from garden centres or some stores like Wilkinsons but, in general the quality of the seed may be better by ordering from an online specialist. We have used a combination of outlets but are particularly fond of Suttons and Owl Acre Sweet Peas. Higgledy Garden seeds are very reliable and Ben’s quirky online catalogue and blog is so helpful for sowing and growing advice.

Bradford-on-avon, british flowers

Sweet-peas with thanks to Owl-acres fabulous seeds


Settle down with a seed catalogue and plan for a fragrant flowerfest in your garden this year.

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