Succulent heaven

Becky and myself both have a love for Sempervivum plants or succulents as you might know them. They have come into fashion in a big way over the last couple of years in wedding flowers and in gardens in general.

We decided to create some unusual pieces for the garden using the succulents, the first was a rather delightfully vintage looking chair that had been found in a French Brocante…..

First things first, we had to rip the base of the seat off and then cover with chicken wire to hold the compost/plants in place.

British flowers wiltshire

The beginning

The next stage was adding in the compost mixed with shingle style stones, as these sorts of plants like a gritty compost. We also added some Sphagnum moss round the outside to hide the edges but you’ll see later on what happened to that….

Not So secret garden Wiltshire

Chicken wire in place and ready to go…

Not so Secret garden wiltshire

Mini Sempervivum being put into place

We then started adding in these mini Sempervivum plants. I love the colours and textures that you can get and they seem to change colour as they grow and mature. We had some discussion as to whether we should be organised and create a pattern but in the end I think we just got to excited and got planting!

British flowers Not so secret garden

Nearly finished

One thing that we did decide on was to add in some pieces of slate, Becky had some which we broke into smaller pieces and added in.


British flowers Wiltshire

The chair itself a couple of months after being planted.

Unfortunately the Sphagnum moss that we added around the edge came away, my hope is that the plants will gradually grow over the edges in time (anyway the rough edges add to the rustic feel)

We decided to create a bed around the chair to give it added interest, I managed to source some rather fabulous Victorian bricks to create the wall and then filled it in with plants.


British flowers wiltshire

The finished creation

This is the finished piece, I was really chuffed as this was a photo taken by a visitor to the garden over the weekend and posted on our facebook page. Do visit  the page and give us a like and you’ll be able to stay up to-date with all that’s going on in the garden.#