Winter tasks

I’m sitting by the log-fire writing this blog as the temperature has certainly dropped over the last couple of days! We are slowly putting the garden to to rest for the Winter and it’s been great to look back over our first year and see what’s been achieved.

British flowers South West

Extending the hazel tunnel

We have extended the hazel tunnel up the slope and round to the shed. It’s looking fabulous and I’m hoping to grow the cuttings of mandevilla that I took this year over it in 2015.

British flowers Bath

Spring bulbs getting planted

Over the last month or so we have been planting lots of tulips, daffodils and ranunculus for lots of spring colour next year. Though having not grown ranunculus before, I’ve started them off in the greenhouse to see how they get on. Then I’ll plant them out next year.

British flowers Hartley farm

Lots and lots of the good stuff to put on the beds

Having the garden based at Hartley Farm is fantastic as we have manure on tap! Richard has been brilliant and brought down lots of the good stuff, we are about half way through getting all the beds done. Pam who works in the garden and is *The best weeder EVER* has been working hard at getting them ready. Some of the patches have been harder than others as the ground, especially by the wild flower patch is incredibly clay like. We are hoping that putting the manure on now will break down the clay texture and make it more workable for next year.

British flowers, Hartley farm

Bertha the ‘Gin Shed’ looking festive

I’ve been working on making the Shed looking slightly more glamorously rustic, sitting in there having a coffee while it was drizzlingly was quite novel, as we had no windows, fairly drastic holes in the bottom and a very leaky roof! But thanks to Mr Bowles and a lick of paint it’s on its way.

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