Fabulous foliage

Although the garden is a riot of flowers at this time of year – zinnias and dahlias taking centre stage – it’s good to celebrate the less showy stalwarts of the cutting patch – the stars of foliage row.

British flowers, Bath

Rosemary and lavender have been fabulous for us this year

If you want to reflect the seasons in your arrangements, to add texture and movement, and use materials that will create impact and last, then using foliage is the way to do it and growing a range of suitable varieties couldn’t be easier.¬†Greenery is never just green, of course. It can be silver-grey, yellow, deep red or¬†browns.

Wiltshire, british foliage

Lemon balm is a brilliant scented foliage to use, just make sure to condition it well!

Bath, british foliage

Sage is another helpful scented foliage to use

We use a huge range of foliage in our arrangements. Herbs are popular – lemon balm, mint, lavender, dill, oregano and rosemary are favourites along with eucalyptus, euphorbia, gypsophila, ammi majus, orlaya and ladies mantle. It’s a real boon to be able to pick a few stems or sprigs to add that special something to one of our homegrown bouquets.

Bradford-on-avon, British flowers

Fun to try different styles of arrangements using just foliage

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