Funeral flowers from the ‘Not So Secret Garden’

I wanted to share these photos of a funeral that we supplied the flowers for. The family wanted very natural and informal style of flowers and that’s exactly what we could do with all that we have grown.

I think sometimes flowers can speak for themselves….

British flowers winsley

Tied Sheaf

This was ordered through Young Blooms  for a burial here, so no oasis, wire, tape or cellophane was allowed to be used.

Winsley British flowers

A very natural styled arrangement

I gathered a selection of flowers from the garden, most of the time customers have a set colour that they want to stick to. But if you think of cottage gardens or hedgerows, you don’t only see pinks & purples or orange and yellow (unless your a very organised gardener!) As you see the arrangements I went for a wild mix, Lupins, foxgloves, mint, lavender, dill, love-in-the-mist and so on…..

British flowers Winsley

Winsley British flowers