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It seems we all can’t believe the summer is nearly over, it’s quite a topic of conversation in the Young Blooms Shop. I was out walking the hound this afternoon and noticing the leaves turning in the park and thinking about the different seasons that we see in the garden and how I feel more importantly about how the relationships of the team have developed and grown through the three years  that the garden has been going.

Bath, British flowers

The team has grown…

Wiltshire, british flowers

Becks and myself

British flowers, bradford on avon

Becks working hard in the garden….


If you know the story of the first year of the garden then you’ll know we have experienced huge loss, but also huge rebirth for want of a better word. If you see the picture of myself and becks standing together above you will know how incredibly far she has come in 3 years.

Recently another member of our garden family has experienced a very sad loss and yet through it I was struck by how much the garden has come to mean to them, becks and myself.

The garden and gardening in itself is a very healing thing, I was cutting sunflowers early on Saturday morning for the shop and loving what a peaceful place it is. You are constantly seeing death and life running its natural cycle in the garden. The sweet-peas have nearly all come out and yet we are putting in sweet-william and cornflowers for next year which are already being ear-marked for weddings in early 2017.

British flowers, wiltshire

Our new work-space…


I think sometimes until a big experience stops you and makes you think, then you can take places and people for granted. But being in a reflective mood this evening, I realise I am hugely thankful for what the garden is. Even if it gives my gang refuge for a couple of hours a week then I will be thankful….


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