Spring has Sprung

Spring is defiantly kicking into action, we have been getting every type of weather over the last month.
The Spring flowers though small in the garden have been stunning. The alliums are showing their heads and one section is turning into a sea of blue as the forgetmenots start flowering.

What have you been enjoying in your gardens? Are plants coming up early because of all that April Sunshine we had?
We have been able to start selling cornflowers & poppies through Hartley Farm-shop

It is so lovely to cut a bucket full of flowers from the garden and take it up to Young Blooms to condition then arrange for the next day! Hurrah for locally grown I say!
Next week we are going to brave it and start planting out Sweet-peas as they are getting incredibly leggy in the Polytunnel. I’ll let you know how we get on but I can’t wait for a return of the below!

I leave you with this lovely picture of myself and Becks, she came upto the garden last month for a BBC Wiltshire that we did, she’s coming home most weekend and has been helping out! 🙂


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