Spring is here

It’s so lovely in the garden, the warm weather means everything is shooting up very quickly in the Spring sunshine. It’s been an age since I blogged about the goings on in the Not So Secret Garden. So I thought I would share some garden treats.


Your’ll see our first attempts at growing ranunculas have been successful, we’ll be selling some of the ranunculas plants at Hartley Farm-shop . So if your visiting Hartley, do keep an eye out.

Last Friday was a fantastic day as Becky and I were interviewed by the lovely Marie Lennon from BBC Wiltshire radio, she has an afternoon show from 2-4pm so do listen next Wednesday when the interview is going to be aired! We got to talk about the last year in the garden, Beckys journey through the year to recovery and much more! I think we all shed a tear or too.

I hope you enjoy the coming weekend and this lovely weather and I look forward to sharing more of our journey in the garden.

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